When the Last Sip of Wine is Gone….

Looking for ways to reduce your household waste? Try turning those pretty wine bottles into gifts and artwork. You’ll amaze your friends and maybe even yourself! Pour yourself a glass of wine (got to get them empty somehow, right?) and check out a few fun ways for repurposing those bottles.


Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Have some time on your hands and want to learn some new skills? Then get your creative juices going with these fine wine bottle up-cycle ideas and if you try one, go ahead and boast about it in our comments section!

1. Trendy Bottle and Jar Decor


For starters how about this adorable (and easy to make!) decorative vase and tea light combination for the mantle. Instead of the word “Love”, use your family’s last name!

Find out how to do it! Trendy Bottle and Jar decor

2. Chalkboard Painted Bottle


Make a cool gift filled with a favorite candy or another small item (it has to fit through an opening of a wine bottle!) – does your gift recipient’s love beans? Or maybe you’re own spice concoction? This bottle has a cute chalkboard paint label!

Check out the Chalkboard Painted Bottle Tutorial.

3. Wine Bottle Citronella Candles

cintronella bottle candles

We love this one because of how simple it is to make and so useful for keeping pesky mosquitoes away! A bottle of wine was never drunk for a better reason.

Make your own here: DIY Wine Bottle Citronella Candles

4. Hostess Gift

infused vinegar hostess gift

The queen of craft, Martha Stewart, shows us how to reuse wine bottles for a unique hostess gift filled with infused vinegars. Not a fan of vinegar? Try infusing oil instead!

Find out how easy this is to make: Hot Pepper Infused Vinegar Hostess Gift

5. Painted Bud Vases

painted bud vases

You can easily just used the empty bottles as vases but kick it up a notch and paint the insides of the clear ones creating a custom look to your home decor.

The Sits Girls show you how to make Painted Bud Vases

6. Bottle Garden Markers

garden marker

Put those empty bottles to work marking your garden favorites. No more forgetting what plants are growing where after the flimsy markers blow away or the writing wears off. You don’t need a fancy printer like the tutorial shows, you can paint onto the bottles using a brush or try paint markers!

Follow along here: Bottle Garden Markers

We step it up a bit with these next few ideas. This means there are a few more tools involved and maybe some glass cutting but not to worry –  it’s all explained!

7. Self Watering Bottle Planter

self watering bottle planter

You will have to cut the bottle for this one (and we include a link that shows you an easy way to do it!) but we guarantee you the results are worth it!

Don’t be afraid to try the Wine Bottle Self Watering Planter

8. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder


Who knew bottles make such good looking birdfeeders!

The Garden-Roof Coop shows you how or she can make one for you… Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

What’s your favorite bottle idea?  Let us know in the comment section!