Time to Ditch the Turtlenecks and Celebrate Spring Days & Nights in Silk!

Spring is here at last and soon Summer will have us rocking on the porch with our lemonade. You don’t want to be overheated in a tired turtleneck so go ahead and say bye-bye to them (and all your other heavy stuff) so you can say hello to the lighter stuff! We know spring temperatures can fluctuate from cool to warm and then right back to cool again and because silk is an amazing temperature regulating fabric, we think it’s an elegant and excellent choice for daytime and nighttime!

outdoor view of Julianna Rae Pajama ensembles for daytime wear

Silk pajamas look and feel amazing during the day when paired with the right pieces.

At Julianna Rae  we are so in love with versatile pieces like the powerhouse camisole. That little piece can be worn in a number of different daytime combinations and yet it’s still a sexy and complementary evening piece.  And, how about silk pajamas doing double duty? With a little creativity, your gorgeous silk pj top and bottom can see the light of day in a number of different ways.

Take one of our favorite printed pajamas, the Jeweled Garden in Inked Rose. The cut on this pajama is roomy, allowing for layering, and the high-grade silk makes for such gorgeous drape on your body we ask why not show if off during the day? Of course you can wear your pj’s as a set, but adding another item like a light trench or shift coat will add glamor to your daytime look.  Mixing up your fabrics so you don’t look too matchy-matchy is okay too!  For a casual look on a warm spring day, try leaving this long sleeved pajama top unbuttoned revealing a soft cotton T underneath all on top of a pair of skinny jeans.

Take your look up a notch with a seamless bra and silk cami under the same blousy top with a pretty pencil skirt or tailored trousers and of course a great pair of heels. And, since this is a set, you still have a luscious pair of pants to wear!  Pull on these flowing pajama bottoms and pair with a tailored shirt and jacket or one of our silk cami’s and a jacket as we show below with the Natalya Silk Pj bottoms in Inked Rose. Pajama bottoms are cut to be roomy so adding tailored pieces polishes up the look. If it’s a more casual affair, then a comfortable cotton button down or t-shirt and flats will have you looking casualiscious!

Additional tips for wearing your silk during the day…

  • Don’t wear it wrinkled –  it will look as if you just rolled out of bed!  Ironing silk is okay but always at low temperature and on the opposite side of the garment. If you can steam it, even better!
  • Pick a pattern – Silk prints are inherently beautiful and vivid. Especially if you are wearing it with something solid colored on top or bottom – no one will ever guess your silk piece is part of a pajama set or ever served time as sleepwear!
  • Wear undergarments that match your skin tone – This will help you avoid a peep show with your light colored silks (and is a good rule of thumb for any light colored clothing).  It’s the contrast to your skin tone that makes your undergarments show through when your wearing light colored clothing.
  • Take good care – Silk is a strong fabric and can stay breathtakingly gorgeous for quite a long time with the right care.  Taking good care of your silk is easier than you think so do check our  silk care guide.
Wear it 2 Ways Natalya Silk PJ's version

Our Natalya Silk Print PJ is gorgeous day or night!

Do you love the daytime pajama trend?  Would you wear your favorite pair out and about?  Tell us what pieces you wear and where you wear them, we love to know how you wear them!