The Art of Minimalism


Minimalism. (perhaps we should stop here!). Seriously, though, we’ve been thinking about minimalism a good deal here lately.  Probably because, as you saw last month, we began paying attention to our beautiful “neutrals,”, those colors that don’t shout out to the room but that turn every head in it.

Today, many people apply minimalism to every aspect of their life, and for good reason! It makes people feel, well, good! When you embark on a minimalist lifestyle, you surround yourself with things you love and you purchase more thoughtfully.

Let’s start with what to wear: Minimalists opt to build a capsule wardrobe. It is a small, curated wardrobe of items that you can mix and match for many different outfit options. Having a few well-made pieces of clothing you love and wear often is far less stressful than a closet full of cheaply made clothes you bought on a whim and still can’t put an outfit together. To curate your minimalist closet, here are a few  key elements to keep in mind.

A Timeless Look:

By choosing timeless silhouettes and styles for your wardrobe you ensure that you can wear them for years to come. Think of the Little Black Dress


 It goes with every accessory you can layer on, every pair of shoes in your closet (yes, even the rain boots!) , you can wear it to almost any occasion, and it’s always in fashion.

Neutral Colors:

Soft and neutral colors should be a main staple in most wardrobes. That way, you have a strong base wardrobe to mix and match with. They can be paired with other neutral clothing items or you can liven it up by adding a fun and bright color to the mix. Soft pinks, beiges, and deep plums are always go-to colors for building a capsule wardrobe.


Well Made with Fine Fabrics:

It’s easy to go to a store and buy a stack of $5 shirts. What’s not easy? Making sure they don’t fall apart or hang askew after one wash! Sometimes it’s worth the investment to spend that little bit extra to ensure you’re getting a product that are made from materials that can stand wearing AND cleaning (after all, isn’t that what you bought them for – well, at least the wearing part!) and don’t fit completely differently after a few washes (no, you didn’t suddenly gain twenty pounds!). Items like silk and lace may be delicate but when properly taken care of these sumptuous fabrics can last a very long time.


All of this got us thinking about style.  How much is necessary to define style? How much do you actually need to highlight the real center of attraction, you?  For us, these are important discussions every time we consider a new piece. Lace? No lace? Trim, fit, buttons…each one of these decisions takes a collection in a new decision and highlights a different aspect of you.

If you are thinking of adding  some  luxurious items to your nightwear repertoire that will be forever elegant, treat yourself to the Simplicity Silk Nightgown. With a timeless silhouette that hugs your curves in all of the right places, beautiful neutral colors, and made from 100% pure silk, this nightgown will be the star of your wardrobe Minimalism has never looked better on you!