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#tbt – Simple Pleasures, yes indeed…

Leaves, when they fall, often look like they are doing a most gentle graceful dance. And once on the ground, the wind occasionally gives them another round on the dance floor… And that’s what inspired our Simple Pleasures print a few years back. We made them into a fabulous pair of cotton pajamas and what a pleasure they were!

Rare Pleasures in Cotton

Rare Pleasures Pajama in Cotton

In a lovely Bordeaux color with our dancing leaves sprinkled all over in a light Rose color. And then done in the opposite way so they made a fabulous trim for the Bordeaux Pajamas or a lighter colored pajama if that was more your style. The pajama was a simple tailored style with flat front darted pants with gorgeous smooth resin buttons. No matter which color you preferred, the print felt lithe and lovely and the pajama was just a pleasure to wear.

So we made sure to make our current cotton pajamas just as comfortable and pretty so you couldn’t wait to get home to put them on! We made a fabulous print that coordinated with gorgeous solids. We call them the J’Adore collection, French slang for “I love it!” See for yourself. We know you’ll love them!


J’Adore Cotton Pajamas