#tbt – Lounging Around Midnight

Once upon a time, we made our Midnight Floral Silk Lounge Pant, these fabulous high waisted side button lounge pants in a sumptuous silk print. They were so loved, that Disney used them as inspiration for their Fairies Pixie Hollow game!


Midnight Silk Lounge Pant with Rhapsody in Silk Bra

You could lounge in them at home or put on a pair of heels, a camisole, a sweater and voila! you were perfectly dressed to go out. Well, the lounge pants have since been retired but our customers will not let us retire the Midnight Floral Print. They love it so much that they keep asking for more and more styles using this sophisticated print. Check out the Midnight Floral styles and some of our other gorgeous styles in silk prints!