Make Valentine’s special with a Romantic Table for Two

What’s more romantic than dinner for two?  How about dinner for two at your own romantic table!  Sure, there’s a little work to pulling it all together but what better way to say “I Love You”? And with just a little bit of effort, your Valentine will surely feel loved.

Dinner Plate with Roses and Candles

A Few Days Ahead…

Because this is a very special evening, some planning ahead is important.  For starters do pull out the good stuff.  For your very special valentine, the everyday dishes won’t do – it is only two place settings after all!  Think of your valentine as a guest (yes, even if they happen to live with you) and go to your most favorite or most beautiful tableware, flatware and stemware.  Once you have an inventory of items you can begin to think about accessorizing your tablescape.

Depending on the colors in your place settings choose a main color to work with, it doesn’t have to be red but whatever color you do choose, weave it throughout the tablescape with flowers, cloth napkins, candles etc.  Red is truly a romantic color but these beautiful shades will do as well.  We do suggest linens for your romantic table. Plastic table cloths and paper napkins hardly say “be mine.” A tablecloth can be plain white and decorated with other layered linens, doilies and even flower petals.  How elaborately decorated you make your table is really up to you: an all white set table with a simple red rose placed on each plate sends as powerful a message as a table filled with a bouquet of roses.  Finally, candlelight is important, bring down the lights and add some glamour with tall tapers and smaller tea lights.   Still stuck?  Here are 12 Romantic Tablescape ideas to get you going!

The Dinner Menu – to Aphrodisiac or not….

You’ve planned the table so what to put on the plates?  For starters a few things to nibble on and sip will get the evening going.  And, if you serve an aphrodisiac to start it will set the sizzle for later!  According to the FDA states that there is no such thing as an aphrodisiac but history tells a different story with some of the most tempting foods raising body temperature or plumping lips.  Whether you believe the benefits of aphrodisiac foods are real or not the experiment can be fun.  Learn all about them here and get some ideas for your shopping list.

For a main course, going with your Valentine’s favorite foods is a good start.  Pick out a recipe featuring a favorite food or try something new.  If this is a new Valentine we suggest cooking something you are good at, if you’ve been around the block a few times with your significant other than wow them with something new.  Everything on this vast list of recipes and menu ideas created just for Valentine’s Day from Epicurious looks like a homerun.  Oh and the drink?  Red wine is good, champagne perhaps or… try the Love Martini!

Love Martini

Serve up a special Valentine cocktail! This Love Martini recipe even demonstrates how to make the cute strawberry hearts. Photos & Recipe: Noreen Hiskey,

Finally we must mention plating our food is important here (it is one of our 7 Resolutions after all!) so pay particular attention to plate presentation.  Learn to plate here.  Cherry tomatoes on the menu? Make cute little heart garnish for your Valentine’s plate.  Beetroot?  Try some rose garnish!

The Dress Code – to dress up or down…


To complete your dinner for two definitely let your Valentine know if it’s a casual night or a dress to kill event.  Dressing up for your significant other shouts “You’re Special!” so why not put some effort into it.  Finish up the bulk of the cooking and slip into something spectacular but don’t forget the apron when serving and prepping plates.  Dressing down is also acceptable when you are wearing silk pj’s, that is. Or, perhaps something a little less!   Like this!

natalya silk pajama bottoms in inked rose and my newest crush silk pajama top in paisley

Dressing down doesn’t have to mean wearing sweat pants! Treat your Valentine to a PJ themed dinner party for two. Wow them with a pair of silk pj bottoms and gorgeous blouse or pair your favorite jeans with your favorite silk pj top. Shown on left is Julianna Rae’s Natalya Silk pajama bottoms in Inked Rose and on right, My Newest Crush Silk pajama top in Paisley.

Final Note

By now you realize it isn’t about the food, the linens, the flowers or what you wear, your dinner for two will be worth every ounce of effort you put into it.  In the words of M.F.K. Fisher, preeminent food writer and author of 27 books on food including the Art of Eating   “Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.”

Are you planning a special dinner for your Valentine?  Share your decorating ideas, recipes or favorite outfit with us!