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Football Love or Football AND Love?  Plus, Super Bowl food ideas sure to please!

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Do you have a big weekend coming up?  There’s the Super Bowl and then Valentine’s Day, one right after the other!  Tuesday will find us looking for some extra coffee but Sunday and Monday are full of things to do.  

Now, mixing football and Valentine’s Day (or Valentine’s Weekend) might be heaven for some couples but it’s “H. E. double hockey sticks” for others, so this collision of love and game will probably test a few relationships!   But, isn’t love about give and take?

He may be dreading Valentine’s Day and you may be dreading the Super Bowl but don’t let it get in the way of your relationship!

So, plan to snuggle up and watch some football.  If you hate it at least there’s the halftime show and some entertaining commercials. In turn, your man should promise not to be “too tired” to enjoy Valentine’s Day plans with you the next day.  Better still, do something romantic together during the weekend so no one feels left out!  

Speaking of fun, the Super Bowl is a great excuse to get together to watch the game and fill up on great food.  A party will also take the pressure off if you would rather be socializing while letting your better half get immersed in the game.   And, if you’re single then a Super Bowl party just might be a great place to find yourself a Valentine… touchdown!

We love food and parties (and love) here at Julianna Rae and we thought it would be fun to find some Super Bowl recipes from the opposing team’s locations.  With two cities like Los Angeles and Cincinnati, we found (and learned ) a lot about what foods they are known for.  Check out our menu ideas for each…

Let’s start with L.A. first, Los Angeles is a melting pot of cuisines and is as diverse as its cultures.  Here are some food ideas for the Los Angeles fans…

Taco’s – L.A. hosts one of the largest concentrations of Mexicans in America so it is well known for its tacos and torta.  We chose a Walking Taco because the Super Bowl is all about finger food.  Guests can mingle while noshing on a taco without worrying about dribbling on the carpet!


Asian Fusion – Southern California produces 90% of the nation’s avocados (as well as eats the most) and is also a culinary mecca for Chinese cuisine that’s why we picked this interesting combination of Cream Cheese and Avocado Wonton for our next finger food. 


In-N-Out Burger Animal Style French Fries – A popular style of french fry created by LA’s beloved In-N-Out Burger has got to be on our Super Bowl menu!


Sweet Treat – For something sweet we picked this luscious Strawberry donut copycat from LA’s famous Donut Man.  The Donut Man is a culinary icon and is famous for its fruit donuts.  YUM!


Cincinnati is known for its eclectic and unique style of flavors and foods and was once named “Porkopolis” for its pork production and when wild pigs roamed freely through the streets. Here are some ideas for the Cincinnati Bengal fans…

Cincinnati-style chili This is considered the unofficial grub of Cincinnati.  It is unlike other southern style, spicy chillis with an interesting selection of spices including cinnamon, chocolate, allspice, and Worcestershire.  It is also eaten differently by spooning over pasta or hotdogs and topped with onions, cheese, or beans and crushed oyster crackers.  Here we chose a Cincinnati Cheese Coney which can be eaten by hand (and with a lot of napkins!).


Pork Hanky Panky – Well, it is Valentine’s weekend anyway!  But, seriously a Hanky Panky is a local Cincinnati favorite appetizer made with beef and pork topped with cheese (usually Velveeta) and eaten on small party bread.  It’s reported that this is a favorite tailgate party food of Bengals football fans.  Try this Hanky Panky Sausage Dip perfect for the Bengal side of the house.


Belgium Flare Chicken and Waffles – Although chicken and waffles are believed to have originated in Harlem in the 30s this dish has become a foodie favorite in downtown Cincinnati and they claim that theirs is the best in the world!  In honor of Cincinnati’s world-famous dish, we’ve chosen bite-size Chicken and Waffles that will certainly have guests licking their fingers!


Something Sweet – Since Ohio is known for its Buckeye trees and the nuts that look like a buck’s eye as well as its Ohio State Buckeye football team we chose the confectionary version of the buckeye which is a no-bake peanut butter dough coated in dark chocolate.  This recipe has them shaped like footballs! Cute!


Whatever you’re doing this weekend we hope you have the time of your life even if it’s on your own with a good romance novel!  And, one more thing, if you’re still searching for the perfect gift for your Valentine or for yourself there is still time to get it when ordering online at – just select OVERNIGHT shipping no later than Saturday, Feb 12 at 1PM EST. See you in the next blog!

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