Crazy for Hearts

The Heart, the universal symbol for love, can be found just about anywhere you look (including your latte) and we’re crazy for them!  It’s Valentine’s Day! While you’re snacking on your heart shaped chocolates, check out our collection of hearts…


But first, how about a little background about this curvaceous little symbol? One theory on how the heart shape began to speak the language of love is that it is representative of the seedpods of the silphium plant. The plant was so prized for its birth control capabilities that the Romans used the symbol on their coins where it was a widely recognized symbol. According to this article the Romans were big fans of sex and essentially used the plant to extinction but this relationship to sex is thought to begin the symbol’s association to love.

The Catholic church brings this association one step closer after Saint Margaret dreamt of a vision of a heart surrounded by thorns. This vision was thought to be the sacred heart of Jesus and became connected with love and devotion. The heart was then used on stained glass windows and church iconography. Eventually, hearts became popular in 17th century England with the exchange of Valentines and has grown to become the iconic modern symbol for love.  Happy Valentine’s Day!