5 veggies that your body will thank you for

When it comes to your health, it’s hard to go wrong with any vegetable but if you’re eating the same ones night after night – and most people are – you’re missing out. There are so many delicious veggies out there, each with a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and other healthy plant compounds called phytochemicals. That’s why eating a variety of vegetables, and getting that full array of compounds, is important for great health. Oh, and it’s also a lot tastier.

Here are five lesser-known vegetables that will liven your plate and give you plenty of health benefits.

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#tbt – Perennial Secrets … for a gorgeous garden!

Start with planting one of our lovely models right in the middle of your garden!  If our model wasn’t fabulous enough on her own, she is sporting our Perennial Secrets Silk Chemise in the oh so appropriately named Sage color and made from the oh so eco-friendly mulberry silk fabric we have exclusively milled for us. This nightgown was so popular that it even made …

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The science of being blue… the rarest of natural colors

Think of your favorite color and if you’re like most people around the world, there’s a good chance it’s some shade of blue. The vast blue sky and the many blue clothes out there may trick you into thinking this color is common in the natural world but, think again. When was the last time you glimpsed a blue petal, insect or bird? They’re out there, but not many.

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