The Rose is without an explanation;
she blooms, because she blooms.  Angelus Silesius

Pears?  Apples?  Inverted triangles?  Come on ladies, it’s time to think differently about the shape of your bodies!

People often call Julianna Rae to ask how an item is going to fit and are sometimes confused about what size to buy. With women’s clothing sizes all over the map, it’s not surprising that finding the right fit induces high anxiety.  We women want the piece to not only fit, but also flatter!  –

Of course the other option is to just wear sweat pants. But ladies, let’s not resort to that!  There are some wonderful guidelines out there to help us select clothing styles: if you notice though, they never open the discussion with small, medium or large.  It is all about shape, shape, and did I say shape?

At Julianna Rae, we prefer flowers… and not just on our desks and in the garden!

At Julianna Rae, we prefer flowers when discussing womens’ shapes.  We think flowers truly represent woman’s bodies better because, like flowers, women come in all different shapes, are natural, and of course all beautiful!   Wouldn’t you rather identify with a rose, tulip, iris, lily or the lovely snowdrop rather than the “lean column” or “inverted triangle”?

Today, we’ll define the rose shape.

Think you might be a rose?  Close your eyes and visualize a soft, curvy, blooming rose in your mind’s eye.  Your waist may be less defined but you have beautiful feminine shoulders and fabulous legs!

flower-54400_1280If you think this is you, dressing for your shape shouldn’t be a thorny issue!

Here are the 5 ways you make that rose as gorgeous as can be:

  1. Create visual vertical lines by pairing long tops over bottoms.
  2. Look for styles that have a side drape or tie.
  3. Choose V-necks or a sweetheart or scoop necklines. A defined neckline is your friend.
  4. Think A-line for dresses, coats and skirts.
  5. Avoid shift style tunics and dresses but say yes to anything with an empire waist!
V-necks, sweetheart or scoop necklines are great choices for the rose!

When it comes to feeling sexy, roses should not be shy.  This fabulous shape will look great in a babydoll style chemise like the one above teamed with a little higher rise panty or boy short which will minimize the tummy and show off those gorgeous legs.  A flirty bias cut cami over a cute loose tap pant will accent the rose’s neckline while flowing smoothly around the middle.

So roses, celebrate your silhouette, here’s to a rosy YOU!

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