Inspiration Tuesday

We’ve been working so hard these past few weeks to get all of the Mother’s Day orders out and on time that we almost didn’t notice how much was going on around us. 

There was a lot of “WOW” at the Met Gala on Monday.  We especially loved the silk gowns that were on display like this one and this one.  We also couldn’t help thinking how much we loved the gown that Kate Mara was wearing as it looks reminiscent of a nightgown that we particularly love!

Ariadne Long Silk Print Nightgown
This gown reminded us of one of our favorite nightgowns, the Ariadne Silk Long Print gown in Inked Rose!

In London the Royal baby finally has a name and we know there will be a lot of gorgeous lace in her future!  And, what a special Mother’s Day for her Mom!

We salute feminist heroine Nellie Bly for her birthday today.  A champion of woman and the working poor, she now has her own Google Doodle!

Fortunately, it wasn’t all about work around the Julianna Rae corporate office today, it is Cinco de Mayo after all!  So, in the spirit of celebration, and our fascination with food (eating, actually!!), we’ve scoured the internet, including our own site, to pull together some color and fun for you on this May 5th!  Have a happy!

cinco de mayo graphic

  1. Look red hot tonight – Le Tresor Silk Long Gown in Scarlet
  2. Cinco De Mayo cocktail – Mexican Sunset
  3. What’s better under a t-shirt than silk? – Indulgence Silk Full Bra in Night
  4. Make these! –  Cinco de Mayo pinata cookies
  5. Something crunchy with drinks, no eating in bed! – Classic Guacamole

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