Body Image: on fit, feelings and a little bit of fun…

A fun experiment demonstrates just how important fit is to our self image….

I find it ironic that last weekend, while I was celebrating a birthday with at least four different cakes over two days, the French Parliament voted to ban anorexic models from the runway and criminalize the use of advertising with super slim models under a certain body mass index. And, kudos to Lane Bryant for launching their #imnoangel campaign this past week igniting all kinds of conversation around body image.

These are great signals to send to an industry that for years has relied on wire-hanger skinny bodies to show off their beautiful clothes.  For what it’s worth beautifully made clothes should look beautiful on any body size – period.

That’s why I like this video. Take the time to watch it. It is humorous but the ladies make some very interesting – and important – comments.

“My Mom used say something like, I’m a size two sausage in a size one casing and that’s how I feel right now…”

“…when I didn’t fit into it I felt like there was something wrong with my body.”

So that’s it: sizing matters, and when something fits well we feel great, when it doesn’t somehow we feel like it’s our fault.

It’s one of the reasons I have so much respect for Juli, she really knows fit and really respects the fact that woman come in all shapes and sizes – and they are all beautiful!

So how does she reinforce this paradigm in her designs? By using “real” people as fit models and recognizing that each size is NOT proportionately bigger or smaller than the next size.

Have you ever stopped shopping somewhere because you felt left out?  How have you embraced your own body image?  Share with us what you think is right or wrong about sizing.

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