Why would a company that rocks silk choose to add cotton to the mix?

When I heard that Julianna Rae had introduced cotton pajamas, I wondered why a company known for their gorgeous silk lingerie would even want to make anything in cotton. Julianna Rae is known for elegance and luxury. So what is so luxurious about cotton?

Quite a bit, it turns out. Julianna Rae cotton is not your mother’s cotton, you know, those silly cotton knit panties that bag after one wear. And, it certainly isn’t your father’s white t-shirt.

Daydreamer Sleeveless Cotton Pajamas by Julianna Rae
Daydreamer Sleeveless Cotton Pajamas by Julianna Rae

Julianna Rae cotton has a beautiful and crisp, wonderful, oh-so-fresh wake-up in clean cotton sheets kind of feel. And that warm sexy feeling when you wear your man’s dress shirt.  Those feel-good moments you get from wearing these pajamas is due in part to the type of cotton called sateen.

No, this is not a cotton “wanting” to be satin, it’s a fabric made with a satin weave. These are strands of the finest cotton yarns interlaced to form an ultra-high thread count fabric — think bed sheets here — creating a smooth and sumptuous material that feels truly blissful next to your skin.

If we talk in technical terms, the warp yarns of the material — the fibers that go across — “float” across several weft yarns — fibers that go up and down, creating a silky smooth feel and glossy luster. This “luster” enhances the beauty of Julianna Rae’s unique color selections, to create the kind of luxury you’ve come to expect from them.

And what natural fabric is more practical than cotton? Let’s face it, there’s a reason people have been making clothing from cotton for thousands of years.

Cotton is:
• Lightweight and cool to the touch
• Soft, absorbent, and breathable
• Softer and more comfortable with every wash
• Hypoallergenic and non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin
• Renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable
• Easy care – just machine wash and dry!

So it makes perfect sense for Julianna Rae to offer cotton! Cotton and silk have a lot in common. Both are natural, renewable, soft, and comfortable. Seems like a slam dunk for Julianna Rae and, how appropriate since it is March Madness season!

But natural fibers and a sateen weave only provide the canvas upon which you create a garment. The real excitement is in the exquisite styling and design sensibility of Julianna Rae’s new cotton pj collection. Complementing the luxurious sateen finish are graceful embroidery details and lovely lace insets that add color and elegance to classic silhouettes.

Play Favorites Short Sleeve Cotton Pajama in Milkshake

I know which style I’ll be wearing! The Daydreamer Sleeveless Cotton Pajamas are chic styling cut for comfort. Side vents on the pj top and at the ankles ensure a tailored look without any binding or pulling. The pull-on drawstring waist and cropped length create a comfy, easy fit – and I don’t have to worry that the pants will be too long or too short. I love the sophisticated contrast bands of color, and the delicate embroidered floral motif is a very sweet touch. This dreamy look is perfect for warm spring days – listening to the birds sing and watching my tulips grow – Daydreamer, indeed!

On warmer days, my go-to pj is the new Play Favorites Short Sleeve Cotton Pajama. Cotton sateen is the perfect fabric for this collared v-neck style, with just enough substance to keep me looking crisp and tailored and soft enough to be really comfy. The draw-string waist shorts are the perfect length for sleeping and lounging – not too short and not too long. I adore the lace insets, which make this pj irresistibly light and fresh. And they come in three luscious colors to suit any mood: Milkshake, Dreamsicle, and Smoothie.

Gardener's Bliss Spa kit
The Gardeners’ Bliss Sleepshirt Spa kit shown in “Smoothie” is a great way to show your appreciation to Mom!

Whoa! I know I started out by poking a little fun at Mom’s expense but Mother’s Day is upon us, so you should check out the great spa gifts which include these wonderful cotton pajamas. These sets of all natural body products from Whisper Hill Bath & Body  in Vermont and a comfy pj or night shirt make great gifts and show real thoughtfulness toward the women in your life who you just want to thank. Or why not treat yourself!

I love the Gardeners’ Bliss Sleepshirt Spa Gift, which pairs a luxurious lace-trimmed cotton sleepshirt with gentle cleansing soap, body wash, a nourishing body lotion, and natural bristle brush and pumice stone. What better way to show someone you care? And just a hint for the man in my life: Mother’s Day is coming and Smoothie is my favorite color!

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