The Balance Act

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”
Thomas Merton

Hello there, I’m Deb.  Besides working in the creative department at Julianna Rae, I am “CEO” of a family of five as well as caretaker of a host of animals which includes a dog, two one hamster(s), and a number of goldfish. Keeping track of the busy schedules of each kid, as well as a traveling husband sometimes leaves me looking under the bed for my sanity. Keeping track of the animals is far easier… except for that second hamster. I am happy to guest post this week on something I know oh so well.

Recently, I was asked, “What is your guilty pleasure?” I paused for a while before answering because, honestly, I completely came up short. It’s not that I don’t have any pleasures, but maybe the real question for me was… is guilt keeping me from them?

So, that question sat with me for a while – actually for a few days – and it became a reflection of myself on so many levels. Was I really that busy that I couldn’t find one deep, dark pleasure to slip into each day, guilt inducing or not? Was it that I was embarrassed of my “pleasures” or what the lack of them would say about me? The truth is pretty banal and not very salacious. I suddenly realized that I don’t allow myself the time to enjoy things that aren’t considered productive in my day. I know, boring right?

Like most women I battle all day about how to use my time and who to give it to. It can be overwhelming, with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. For me, guilt is always present, no matter what the decision, leading to what at times could be considered an unbalanced life. So the saying goes… all work and no play makes Jane a dull, dull girl!

Matching bra and panties… what is your guilty pleasure?

Well, guilt isn’t all bad, it’s what kept me from eating a whole bag of chocolate drizzled kettle corn in the car this morning. But, that may also be the very reason why it tasted so good! Guilt keeps us in line in most cases, but, to be driven by it, to be overly “correct”, always doing what we SHOULD do and well, after a while, that just makes us… dull. Those little joys, those small pleasures, guilty or not, add spice to life and give us dimension.

I am not afraid to admit that at nearly 50 years of age I am still learning lessons. This seemingly innocuous question sat with me for so long because it was time for me to listen to my inner voice. It was screaming about how much time I have spent ignoring my need for pleasure and too much time letting guilt keep me in line. The next time someone asks I hope I am better prepared to answer the question.

Wrapped in Luxury Spa Gift Set

Whether it’s a few minutes of Candy Crush or reading young adult fiction before that book on global warming, or just enjoying a glass of wine paired with some dark chocolate instead of dinner one night, don’t be afraid tip the scales more in your favor and enjoy, even admit, to your guilty pleasures. Myself, I may forego any more kettle corn and save some money to purchase a beautiful silk bra and matching panties or even perhaps the Wrapped in Luxury spa gift. What better way to give yourself a treat that only you know about! Personally, I am still figuring it out, but I do think you really can indulge without going broke, breaking hearts or the law!

Make time to enjoy one small thing today!

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