Behind the Silk Scenes: Meet Juli

Hello!  I’m Juli, co-founder and Chief Merchandising Officer of Julianna Rae, and I want to welcome you to our new blog.  I invite you to join us on a journey to the places, people, fabrics, and fashions that intrigue us, entertain us and inspire us.  Not sure where we’ll wind up on this journey but I do know that we’re excited to share and even more excited to hear from you about what’s important – not just with your jammies, but in your life!

656_300_jl2Julianna Rae has been a great trip so far! I dreamed of this business back when I designed for Victoria’s Secret and other major labels. Even then, I knew that there were so many women who didn’t fit the typical profile of fashion model, and who weren’t comfortable buying lingerie from – or for – a 20-year-old.  (Women like me and my friends! )

So, 10 years ago, I gathered a team and set out to design fashionable, beautiful, luxurious lingerie for discerning women. Lingerie made of sumptuous, natural fibers like silk and cotton. Lingerie with a sophisticated, sexy, and elegant style for busy women who appreciate simple indulgences. And so “Julianna Rae” was born.

Since then, we’ve been providing luxurious lingerie to many women (and the partners who buy them gifts!). As we pass our “Tin Anniversary” this year, 656_300_37441 (1)we’ve grown a bit – it’s been amazing, actually!  We’ve been successful because we’ve never forgotten who we’re doing this for – you. We’ve learned so much from talking to you, taking your calls, reading your emails. We truly appreciate all your comments and feedback.

Lately, though, we’ve been looking for ways to reach our customers more directly, and personally, and a blog seems the perfect venue. The Julianna Rae blog will be a forum for interesting intimate apparel topics but also about things that interest us because there is a lot that does!  Sometimes I will write the posts and they will discuss topics ranging from my favorite picks for holiday to how I decide which weight of silk to use in our robes. Guest bloggers, members of our team, industry experts and people we admire who will bring new insight and refreshing ideas to our community will also write posts. We’ll talk about everything from the mysterious properties and benefits of silk to the value of indulgence and luxury in our lives. And we’d love to hear from customers like YOU. So stay tuned for an invite to join our discussion!

Juli Lee

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